Flowers and Plants - David Fairey

Flowers and Plants

ALTHOUGH I am primarily a photographer of people, the beauty and intricacy of flowers and plants  fascinates me. These images are a very recent addition to my more traditional work and I will continue to add images to this portfolio of work.Though the flowers are far from perfect specimens, somehow the fact they're not, in my view, makes them more realistic. 

Prints are available now in  limited editions on Archival Ilford paper in either colour or black and white.

There are 2 sizes available and these will be 31cm x 31cm @ NZ $475.00 per print or a smaller 23cm x 23cm @ NZ $275.00 per print.

I am also offering sets of 5 small prints 15cm x 15cm (from this selection) for $400.00

For more info please contact me on

Bigger Sizes are also available .